Daily neck care methods

Many office workers will have shoulder and neck strain, neck soreness, if you want to get rid of this situation, just make a little change in your daily life. Tell you a few tips to protect your shoulders and necks, and you can choose which one suits you.

  1. 1. Go out and wear a scarf
    The muscles also swell and shrink. When you go out in the morning, don’t let your neck get cold enough. Remember to wear a scarf or neck. In summer, also remember not to let the air conditioner blow directly to the shoulders and necks.
  2. 2. Drink hot ginger tea
    Let the body warm, but also relieve the feeling of pain. A sip of hot tea can rise from the mouth and spread to the neck, shoulders, arms, and even the upper back. And ginger can relieve muscle pain, the effect is better.
  3. 3. Seat cushion
    Next, you may have to sit at your desk or desk all day. Sitting in the right posture doesn’t burden the neck. Lean on the back on the chair, support the waist, chin back, back straight, cervical vertebrae maintain the correct radians, so that the body in the most comfortable state.
    No matter how correct the posture is, staying in a position for too long will still give the muscle a burden. So be sure to change your movements every hour, give yourself a chance to stand up and pour water or get up to discuss with your colleagues.
  4. 4. Hold each other’s elbows with both hands.
    When we are nervous and our muscles are tight, the scapula will lean forward, that is, our shoulders will rise. As soon as you have time, hold each other’s elbows and push the scapula back to the right position.
    Remember to keep your eyes flat, keep your neck in the right position, don’t let the ribs protrude because your hands are raised, and the ribs are retracted in order to stretch the scapula correctly. Stay for five breaths. And then put it down and get back to work.
  5. 5. Warm the neck with a neck pillow
    Warm neck with warm neck pillow, not only promote blood circulation, relieve tight neck muscles, so that the muscles can relax and return to the right position. Moreover, as long as the neck is warm, it can let the parasympathetic nerve function, relax the body and mind, can relieve the stress.
    Neck pillows can be done on their own. Put red beans or mung beans in a cloth bag the size of a thousand yuan bill and sew it well. You can also put some of your favorite vanilla such as lavender, rosemary and so on. When you use it, put it in the microwave oven for 1 minute, and you will fall in love with it.
  6. 6. Set the pillows that suit you
    “good pillows are related to height, but have nothing to do with material,” says Qiu Rongpeng, a doctor of Chinese medicine at Taipei City United Hospital.
    When choosing a pillow, the pillow of the person who sleeps on the back is flattened, about the thickness of the shoulder, and the pillow of the person sleeping on the side is about the width of the shoulder.
    If the pillow is still uncomfortable to buy home, you can use a large bath towel to fold into the pillow size, cushion under the pillow, fold or spread out, adjust yourself to a comfortable height. People who are used to sleeping sideways should pay attention to the pillows to be slightly higher in order to be comfortable.
  7. 7. Massage with baseball
    When the shoulder and neck ache, often used to gently rub with the hands, the pain will dissipate. There are more powerful helpers now, that is, soft baseball.
    The use of baseball along the muscles next to the scapular bone from the shoulder to the middle back, and then roll back, stay at the pain point, can increase vagus nerve activity, reduce the operation of the nervous system.
  8. 8. Pull your arms back in the tea room
    Go to the tea room and pour the water and take the opportunity to stretch. Stretch out your arm, palm fixed on the wall, reverse turn around, do not need to do pain, as long as feel comfortable, stay 5 breathing, and then change the edge, this action can be extended to the pectoralis major muscle and upper limb flexion group.
  9. 9. Listen to the music
    The study found that listening to music for an hour a day can relieve chronic pain.

How to maintain the neck care

  1. 1. Day frost and late frost are indispensable.
    The neck, like the face, is exposed to the sun all day, so the facial & neck care is essential. Day cream and night cream can not only apply the face without neglecting the neck, otherwise the contrast is obvious.
  2. 2. Use cold water to tighten the skin
    Wash your face with cold water to help tighten your skin. Because hot water will take away a lot of sebum and moisture on the skin, which makes the skin dry and more prone to wrinkles.
  3. 3. Use flat pillows
    If you use a higher pillow, you are bound to bend your neck when you sleep, directly leading to wrinkles. So it’s best to use flatter pillows and take better care of your neck.
  4. 4. Diet should be light
    Eat more light food and fresh melon and fruit ingredients, and timely supplement of fiber and vitamin C, can also effectively prevent the production of wrinkles, to dilute wrinkles is also very effective.
  5. 5. Chicken bone soup
    Chicken bones contain cartilage, which can improve elastic fiber, so making soup with chicken bones is very good for maintenance. In addition, sow hoofs can also be used to stew soybeans, because the colloid in pig hoofs is very rich, can improve the elasticity of the skin.