What are the causes of hair loss? How to germinate?

There are several reasons for hair loss:

  1. 1. Genetic factors, androgenetic alopecia is the most common, men and women can be sick, men more. Hair follicles in alopecia area are too sensitive to androgen “attack,” so that hair follicle appears progressive shrinking, and finally become vellus hair follicular, forming clinically visible hair loss.
  2. 2. Folliculitis, stress and anxiety, smoking, postpartum, and certain immune disorders are also associated with androgenetic alopecia.
  3. 3. Autoimmune factors to alopecia areata
    Some patients with alopecia areata may also have other autoimmune diseases at the same time, such as goiter, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, vitiligo
    And so on.
  4. 4. Too much mental stress or sudden stress, can also cause alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and other types of hair loss.
  5. 5. Mental factors such as trichotillomania can cause hair loss. Patients are mostly children, have bad habits of pulling hair, patients are indifferent to the formation of hair loss, some patients even feel that pulling hair can make tension ease, which is a mental disease.
  6. 6. Side effects of drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs for malignant tumors, can cause a lot of hair loss.
  7. 7. Certain infections, such as fungal and bacterial infections
    Can cause damage to hair follicles and scar formation, resulting in permanent hair loss.
  8. 8. Scalp trauma, scalp trauma leading to scarring can occur scarring alopecia.
  9. 9. Hairdressing, comb the hair of some habits so that the hair is pulled too tight for a long time, such as a very tight braid, hard comb hair, hair clips pull too tight, can lead to traction alopecia.

How does ability germinal?

  1. 1. Ginger
    We know ginger but rarely know taboos and usage. Ginger heat, first of all, hot hair loss can not be used, the weather is hot sweat do not use. Ginger for deficiency cold constitution, cold hands and feet, poor microcirculation, qi and blood weakness is better. Mostly female, elderly. Ginger use do not directly rub the scalp, so is the most hurt, the effect is also the worst. It is best preserved after juicing. Wet your scalp with a cotton swab every day. Ginger stimulates sweat glands. So seborrheic hair loss can not be used.
  2. 2. Black bean
    Black beans germinal effect is good, and black beans have a lot of health effect, the only bad is that black beans promote peristalsis, intestinal slip, and flatulence. No more. Black beans is the best way to add salt stir-fry, with honey vinegar soak. Eat a few pills a day. This nursed back to health effect is the best, the use is also the simplest. Can be used long-term.
  3. 3. Reduce care
    Scalp into weak acidity, pH around 5. So our shampoo is alkaline to neutralize oils. After washing your hair, the sweat glands secrete oil to re-cover the scalp. Restores scalp environment. So the more wash, the more severe damage to the scalp. After hair loss to reduce wash care. This can reduce the scalp consumption, maintain the scalp environment, hair growth rate will be accelerated. Our hair grows fast in winter, slow in summer, and hair loss in the summer and most of the shampoo and temperature have a certain relationship.
  4. 4. Eat more nuts
    Many people don’t snack much as an adult. Hair growth needs environment and nutrition. Nuts are rich in minerals, vitamins and biomass. Especially when trees produce nuts. This kind of nuts are very natural, such as pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and so on. We often eat hair loss, supplement body nutrition, with treatment can find hair effect is good.
  5. 5. the use of hair matrix nutrient solution
    Hair loss is serious or not long hair for a long time, directly spraying hair matrix nutrient solution on the scalp, which has a direct effect on hair loss relief and hair growth. In many cases, the hair loss has just occurred, use a week or two can suppress hair loss, there is no subsequent treatment. We can try.
  6. 6. increase sleep, lower temperature, moisturizing
    Sleep when the body lies flat, heart and head level, blood flow to the scalp is several times other times, scalp relaxation, hair follicle growth metabolism is the most vigorous, hair growth is also rapid. You’ll find that people who eat well and sleep well have good hair.
    Scalp hair temperature is 38 degrees below. Every continuous brain 1 hour, the scalp temperature rose 0.5 degrees, the longer the brain, the more unsuitable for hair growth. That’s why many scientists don’t have hair. We should pay attention to combining work with rest.
    Scalp humidity is very important, like autumn and winter season, but also pay attention to the scalp moisturizing. It’s not shampoo. Shampoo. Sometimes head, appropriate wipe, do not drip. You can also use a wet towel every morning and evening to wipe the hair.
  7. 7. Use a hair product, like massage comb
    Commonly used wood comb or fingers in the scalp massage, help scalp blood circulation, thus accelerating the growth of new hair. Get up early every day, hands ten fingers separate inserted hair, from the front and back comb rubbing scalp dozens of times, and then comb dozens of light comb, can assist the treatment of hair loss and alopecia areata.