YK AC Servo Management VFD For Screw Press Machine

China Compressor Equipment Online Market High quality, Greatest service,Affordable price. For the reason that slide velocity reduction motion of a slide after the acceleration is possible by direct drive while the friction driven kind is unimaginable, the processing time for one cycle will almost not differ for forging a small work with giant press which brings out the epoch-making results of “The Better Embraces the Less”.

electric screw press 

In evaluating to the friction kind, 30~50% of power is lowered with respect to that of conventional friction kind as total save vitality effect. Since brake is by motor when slide is in return stroke, mechanical brake only works when slide is close to up useless point, brake materials will not be easy to wear, no want frequent change.

Cnc press is a brand new technology sort of electric screw press ,which were pushed by permanent magnet synchronous servo motor,and include mechanical pats reminiscent of framework, flywheel, screw nut, the slider, lubricating mechanism, braking mechanism and electrical parts equivalent to servo motor, electric control cabinet, operating button station.

1.Electric screw press machine has a simple design, which allows the operator to operate it conviently. Friction screw press might be availed in capacity starting from 63 tons as much as 15500 tons. Able to driving each asynchronous and synchronous motor of screw press machine.

EPC-D numerical management electrical screw press adopt switched reluctance motor which is the most superior and most fitted for the die forging trade The motor with low pace and enormous starting torque apply to the optimistic and destructive work.Due to this fact, the lifetime of the motor is extended and saves power.Electronic management system use PLC management with man-machine interface integration while realizing the automation of forging manufacturing with robotic or other automation gear connectionThe pinion are made of particular metal, which solved the vulnerability drawback of the bakelite gear with out damaging gearwheel and extended the pinion life more than 5 occasions than bakelite gear;The screw and the flywheel adopt the spline connection, which improves the workpiece interchangeability.