The use of green concepts in mechanical design and manufacturing

Today’s environmental issues have been the focus of much attention of the governments of various countries, governments, enterprises and individuals for environmental protection awareness is also increasing, coupled with the emergence of various green trade barriers, green design is in line with the trend of today’s design and the requirements of sustainable development.

Green design is one of the effective ways to fundamentally solve the environmental pollution of equipment manufacturing and construction machinery industry, is an inevitable choice for sustainable development, has become a hot spot in the field of construction machinery design research.

At present, the research of construction machinery green design has just started, the development is still immature, especially the green design concept how to achieve successful application in the development of construction machinery, there are still many problems to be solved. Green concept design is a new development strategy, in line with the development needs of the current era and the requirements of people’s lives, the traditional mechanical design and manufacturing does not integrate environmental protection consciousness, not only causing a serious waste of resources, post-processing waste products have not been stopped by the exact treatment, greatly damaged the natural environment, but also greatly limit the long-term, healthy development of mechanical manufacturing, so in the mechanical design and manufacturing injected Green design, a new element in the mechanical design and manufacturing, seems to be very important and very necessary.

1 Green concept briefly

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, people gradually realize that green development is the development that can last forever and China’s economic development needs green elements. In the past, machinery design and manufacturing will rarely take into account the green concept, but also because of the lack of vision and technical gaps, making a large number of resources wasted, but also brought great pollution to the environment, such methods are not conducive to long-term economic development.

Therefore, the integration of the green concept in the design and manufacture of machinery has far-reaching significance for its development.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, in order to do a good job of economic development, rapid development, do not hesitate to destroy the natural environment in exchange for a short period of profit, due to all kinds of destructive behavior in the past, resulting in more and more serious environmental problems, has seriously affected our normal life. People have only gradually realized how important the green concept is for our life, and the green concept is widely used in the industry, in line with the national sustainable development strategy. Now most of the machinery design and manufacturing industry, will produce a lot of noise pollution and air pollution, such pollution seriously affects the sustainable development strategy of the economy.

In machinery design and manufacturing, to protect the environment for the purpose of improving productivity at the same time to ensure that it does not damage and pollute the environment, in the process to use new energy-saving technologies as far as possible to improve the utilization of resources. Economy as another indicator of mechanical design and manufacturing should also be fully considered.

Machinery design and manufacturing to meet the needs of the market, the needs of customers is where the interest lies. Therefore, when manufacturing machinery and equipment, we should combine market demand and our own cost budget, and constantly optimize the design program to find the most suitable ways and measures so that we can occupy a place in the market.

2 The significance of applying green concept in mechanical design and manufacturing

The scope of mechanical design and manufacturing in the industrial field is very wide, ranging from large mechanical equipment and electromechanical products to small components all belong to its scope, which plays a pillar role in the development of China’s economy. Industry and society and the natural environment are inextricably linked, and as the core part of the industrial field, mechanical design and manufacturing has a closer relationship with the environment. In the process of design, products must meet the relevant technical standards, if they do not meet the relevant standards, not only waste resources, but also lead to the destruction of the environment because of the waste of resources. Therefore, whether it is the design or the production of machinery and equipment, we must strictly control the use of resources to create maximum value with the least amount of resources, and each link should be strictly controlled to ensure that a link does not pass the next link is not allowed to enter the development of enterprises to create greater value.

3 The application of green concept in mechanical design and manufacturing

3.1 The choice of green design materials

The so-called green material means that in the process of use does not produce substances harmful to human body, does not cause pollution to the environment, and has very little energy consumption. In the design of machinery and equipment, as far as possible to choose green materials, so that more can make machinery and equipment green and environmentally friendly, more practical. In the past, the high pollution, resource wastage of materials has been gradually replaced by green materials. The choice of green materials should also consider the properties of materials and the application of materials on the environment, so for mechanical design and manufacturing in the choice of green materials, the use of materials, performance, must be in line with the national requirements of sustainable development.

3.2 Pay attention to the recyclability of the product design

The continuous development of the economy, the continuous innovation of science and technology, the speed of updating equipment is also constantly accelerating, so each piece of machinery products eliminated by the recycling problem should be taken into account. At this time, a variety of recycling programs should be developed, and the recycling of each product should start with the components, both to consider the cost of recycling and to find the most suitable recycling program and recycling process. In the design and manufacture of machinery, we should choose suitable materials to manufacture parts and components, so that the material in the machinery and equipment to maximize the benefits, thereby reducing the environmental pollution that may be caused to the environment in the recycling process.

3.3 Product disassembly design

In the mechanical design and manufacturing, to consider the maintenance of equipment in use, so as far as possible to use removable parts, in the process of disassembly to fully understand the overall structure of the equipment and the operation process of each part, to ensure that in the process of disassembly, the integrity of the parts. The design of detachable parts, in full compliance with the strategic plan of sustainable development, so that the product can be in the green environment at the same time as possible to reduce costs, in the design of machinery and equipment should be fully considered, in the use of equipment, can be green materials and parts for effective recycling, the use of waste materials to create new parts, so that repeated use does not affect the economic benefits at the same time can also greatly reduce the The cost of machinery and equipment.

3.4 Green manufacturing

In the past, mechanical design and manufacturing, the huge damage to the environment, and under the guidance of today’s sustainable development strategy, to adopt as far as possible the manufacturing process with little impact on the environment, as well as the emergence of new concepts such as the utilization of resources in production, so that we finally choose the new technology under the green concept of manufacturing mode, that is, green manufacturing. The use of such methods can be mechanical design and manufacturing process to minimize noise pollution, air pollution, so that the environment can be unaffected, and the quality of products under the new technology has been greatly improved, the utilization of energy has also been significantly improved.

4 Conclusion

The developed countries in the West are more perfect in machinery design and manufacturing, whether it is related to law or technical specifications, while China is still in the continuous exploration stage, if the related technology and legal specifications are perfected, not only can we protect the environment we depend on, but also can improve the development of the industrial chain.

In terms of environmental protection, we should make the national development policy deeply integrated into it, so that the concept of green development, green manufacturing and green living can become a national consensus. In the field of machinery design and manufacturing, green ideas will certainly replace the traditional methods completely.

Therefore, when manufacturing modern machinery and equipment, we should start from the design as much as possible, choose green materials and green processes, and use the latest manufacturing technology, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, in order to achieve the protection of the environment.