Huge HUBER Screw Press Units Convince International Clients

open die forging press 

We are engaged in manufacturing a range of Screw Presses, that are used to dewater and wash secondary as well as virgin fiber. For instance, it includes midway cease throughout slide ascending, restart, forging, slide return, knockout and materials insertion with slide pullup a little excessive, and so on. Acutually, there is no difference with conventional type which consumes all flywheel power and powerful forging is feasible.

Within the excessive-stress chamber, Large Scale Screw Urgent Machine is nice friction resistance between oil supplies and squeezing spiral or squeezing chamber, thus the micro supplies can create friction. The screw is belt driven at 7.5 to 25HP 1750 rpm electrical motor.

The invention pertains to a screw press having a flywheel rotationally linked to the spindle by means of a friction coupling and a spindle displaceable axially in a nut mounted in the upper cross member of the press frame, wherein the flywheel has exterior toothing to a width akin to the utmost press stroke plus the width of the driving pinion, a plurality of pinions partaking within the stated toothed rim are each driven by oil-hydraulic axial piston motors or by a pair of oil-hydraulic axial piston motors and the axial piston motors together with the pinions are disposed on a platform surrounding the upper cross member of the press body.

By setting the press vitality, the slide is accelerated to moving downward. As the title suggests, any such press makes use of a mechanical screw to translate rotational movement into vertical. Principally, it is a variation of the former cored forging equipment with only two directions and it’s rigidity is enhanced to safe massive pushing power.

Electrical control system uses programmable controller (PLC) as the grasp device, improving the general reliability of operation, man-machine interface (HMI) operator and machine to achieve the alternate of information, consumer-set parameters equivalent to fight power be displayed with the failure of the machine.

The sort of press, with high output power, rapid stroke, lengthy die life, multi-computer control, is able to predetermine foremost working parameters and indicate trouble, is broadly used in precision forging, die forging, extruding, calibrating, effective correcting and so forth.

Based on the electric screw press, easily damaged elements are small in quantity, and the failure charge is low; the motor works in a batch kind, and electricity will be saved by 50% when the refractory bricks are processed; personnel bills are mechanically managed and saved, blowing precision is excessive, technological parameters of the bricks of the same batch are similar, and the speed of completed merchandise is excessive; and safety is nice, a number of brakes are achieved, and the fact that the slide block can brake at any positions is assured.

EPC-D numerical control electric screw press undertake switched reluctance motor which is essentially the most advanced and most fitted for the die forging industry The motor with low speed and enormous beginning torque apply to the constructive and negative work.Therefore, the life of the motor is prolonged and saves energy.Electronic management system use PLC management with man-machine interface integration while realizing the automation of forging manufacturing with robot or different automation tools connectionThe pinion are made of special steel, which solved the vulnerability downside of the bakelite gear without damaging gearwheel and prolonged the pinion life greater than 5 occasions than bakelite gear;The screw and the flywheel adopt the spline connection, which improves the workpiece interchangeability.