Nonwovens machinery

Non-woven hardware is the handling of non-woven textures to create different results of gear, primarily including: non-woven sack machine, non-woven shoe cover machine, non-woven glove machine, non-woven cushion center cover machine, non-woven organic product cover machine, non-woven strip cap machine, non-woven specialist’s cap machine, non-woven careful outfit machine, non-woven head cover machine, non-woven residue assortment pack machine, non-woven directing wheel cover machine, non-woven CD front machine, non-woven shoe machine, non-woven mouthpiece cover machine.

Non-woven texture hardware to keep on expanding the width of the machine, work on the speed and limit of the single machine advancement, center around gear handling precision and the utilization of new materials, work fair and square of mechatronics, further use of PC online recognition control and organization frameworks to guarantee high creation and top notch creation. Non-woven creation lines ought to create towards multi-usefulness, mix and separation, and foster inexhaustible and biodegradable fiber non-woven product offerings. Accentuation on particular, building block plan in the hardware, as per the qualities of non-woven items and cycle necessities, adaptable gear improvement or rebuilding.

  1. Advancement of meager polypropylene, polyester hot-rolled spunbond adaptable creation line Towards fine denier, utilitarian turn of events, item CV worth of low grammage up to 6%, high grammage up to 5%, based on this creation line to accomplish multi-practical, can deliver polypropylene, polyester, nylon, nylon 6, polylactic corrosive (PLA) and other spunbond non-woven textures, yet in addition can create two-part items.
  2. Foster fast, predictable line pressure hot moving factory Output speed should reach 300m/min, and work on the consistency of roll line pressure.
  3. Foster wide, high return meltblown creation lines with a line china nonwoven machines suppliers, width of 3.2m or more, yearly result of 1000 tons or more, fiber fineness of 1-5 microns, further developed consistency of the texture, and the capacity to suit an assortment of unrefined components like PP, PET, biodegradable pitches, and so on Foster cycles and hardware for compounding with spunbond processes. Address the holder type turning kick the bucket head and triangle bite the dust head tip plan and assembling handling; draft wind current dispersion pit enhancement configuration; air spout, hot wind stream warming gadget plan and handling producing; complete examination on wind current warming strategy.
  4. Advancement of hydroentanglement creation lines as well as expanding the water pressure and extending the field of utilization, in energy saving and cost decrease, the advancement of effective new filtration frameworks to adjust to the necessities of different strands and different cycles, while guaranteeing the reusing pace of water; work on the productivity of hydroentanglement; reinforce the mix of spunbond, checking, meltblown, wind stream into an organization or wood mash and paper processes, particularly the mix of mash wind stream into an organization in addition to hydroentanglement. To adjust to the different filaments of the spunlace creation line innovation research; spunlace needle plate improvement; light spunlace roller advancement; productive new channel gadget advancement; spunlace and turning into an organization, meltblown, mash air into an organization of composite innovation research.
  5. advancement of needling gear increment the needling recurrence to multiple times/min, work on the level of robotization and identification of restraint, work on the pre-needling and the finish of the needling machine needling support impact, research oval needling innovation, needle plate configuration (counting needle thickness, the law of needle dissemination), assembling and composite materials research; improvement of fixing ring; needle plate, cross-bar oval movement direction research plan and advancement of the drive system The advancement of fixing rings
  6. investigation into the composite innovation of different netting and support strategies innovative work of multi-mind whirling and intertwining composite creation lines, research on the blend of spunbonding, checking, meltblown, wind stream mesh or wood mash and paper innovation, research on mash wind stream mesh and staple checking netting composite in addition to spunlace union innovation, and so on 7. work on the quality and specialized degree of uncommon fundamental parts for nonwovens apparatus.