How to choose a suitable cleansing brush?

Working Principle of Face Cleansing Brush
First of all, we first understand the working principle of the cleansing brush machine.
Our face has attached to the dust and excess grease dirt, dust can be cleaned with water, but the grease dirt only through amino acids and other cleansing products can not be efficient clean clean, cleanser is mainly through the ultrasonic principle to make the bristles vibrate, With different thickness and size of silicone contacts to make the dirt on the face skin and cleaning products such as facial cleanser fully emulsified, clean and massage, in order to achieve more than hand direct cleaning depth, clean effect.
The working principle is similar to the principle of the ultrasonic electric toothbrush. It is important to note that the cleanser cannot go deep into the pores and cannot dissolve oil.

Who is suitable for the cleansing brush?
Sensitive skin, dry skin itself cuticle is thin, the skin barrier is easily damaged or has been damaged, using the cleanser is more likely to cause damage to skin barrier or secondary injury, increase the sensitivity, therefore, sensitive skin and dry skin is not recommended. Is the sensitive muscle completely useless? Read on for a cleanser to repair the skin barrier and fit sensitive muscles.
Recommended for oily skin, T-zone or a certain area prone to oil mixed skin, rough skin pores, acne or aging skin and thick cuticle, Cleanser can be a good clean sebum dirt, to prevent clogging pores, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of each time can not be too long, note the use method, do not force pressure on the skin, so that the friction is too large, long-term use of the wrong easily cause damage to the cuticle.
It should be noted that if it is oil skin acne muscle or acne is very serious, has been inflamed head pus acne or acne, can not use cleanser, should promptly go to the hospital, good skin!

How to choose a suitable cleansing brush?

  1. 1. Type
    At present, the common types of facial cleansing brush on the market are acoustic vibration cleans, rotary cleans and 3D acoustic cleans.
    Rotary cleanser
    Rotary cleaning strength is stronger, can be said to be more rough, through the hair brush head in the face to clean up dirty skin rotating round and round, so as to achieve efficient cleaning effect.
    Advantages of the rotary type: cleaner, more suitable for men.
    Sonic vibration cleansing
    The principle of acoustic vibration cleaning instrument and electric toothbrush is similar, through the sound vibration of the brush head to reduce the damage to the skin and wear and tear can produce a flow clean force, so as to achieve the effect of deep cleaning. Do not choose a lower frequency of vibration cleanser, they are usually less clean, use it to wash your face, brush hair and brush hair turn up between the gap is larger, long-term use will cause facial skin wear.
    The advantages of sonic vibration: The frequency of the sonic vibration is higher, which can reduce facial wear and tear. Sonic vibration cleans less forcefully than rotary vibration and is more gentle on the skin.
    3D sonic cleansing
    3D sonic cleansing is a combination of sonic vibration and rotating black technology cleansing, the advantage is the strongest cleaning force.
  2. 2. Brush head material
    The brush head is the part that is in direct contact with your skin, so the material is also crucial. The material of the brush head determines whether you are comfortable with it and will hurt your skin.
    Fiber brush
    There are many types of fiber brushes that correspond to different needs and can be replaced. Choose a brush that is soft and does not irritate the skin. Fiber brush cleanser recommended 3 months to replace the brush head.
    Silicone brush head
    Most of the use of silicone brush head for the cleansing of the integrated cleansing device, such brush head can not be replaced, you need to pay attention to the cleaning of the brush head.
    Choose a softer, better texture of silicone brush head, there are inferior silicone brush on the market, silicone texture is hard, can not achieve the purpose of cleaning even, long-term use will damage the skin.
  3. 3. Power mode
    Now on the market most cleansers can be charged, the majority of cleanser for wired charging, there are a small number of a part of the cleansor for wireless charging.
  4. 4. Gear adjustment
    The gear adjustment of the cleanser is just like the lamp we use, according to the brightness of different circumstances to adjust the brightness suitable for the current environment. Cleanser is also the case, the morning, night use different intensity of different situations; Sensitive muscle, neutral skin, oil skin for the intensity of the demand for cleanser is different, therefore, should choose a different gear cleansers, long-term use to meet the needs of different time periods, skin.
  5. 5. Waterproof grade
    Cleanser this kind of water with the use of products, waterproof level becomes particularly important, let’s understand the division of waterproof level, The Japanese industry standard divides the waterproof protection of electronic instruments into 10 grades. IPX0 has no protection, IPX1 can prevent vertical water droplets, IPx2 can prevent water droplets in the range of 15 degrees and IPX3 can prevent rain in the scope of 60 degrees. IPX4 is splash proof, IPX5 is spray proof, IPX 6 is water resistant, IPx 7 is immersion proof. IPX8 is in water and IPX9 is wet-proof. It can be used in humidity below 90%.
    Choose at least IPX7 waterproof cleanser, to ensure that we can wash the whole body, if the waterproof level is not enough, with a period of time the product can not use water is very bad.

How to correctly use of cleansing brush?

  1. 1. How to Clean Your Skin
    Sensitive muscle is damaged skin barrier, delay is urgent to repair the skin barrier. Use mild amino acid cleanser to make bubbles or foam cleansing, gently on the face, do not rub, with the middle finger and index finger in the face circle clean.
    To repair the skin barrier, summer or long time sitting in front of the computer will also give some oil, At this time, if there is a demand, you can use the time sensitive muscle cleanser to T area or oil area for cleaning, remember not to easily clean the cheek, cheek cuticle thin, easy to cause secondary damage to the cuticle.
    Oil skin acne muscle is also very serious to the same, Inflammation take white pus head of acne, first of all, go to the hospital to see good skin, acne did not disappear before washing your face with water, until acne whitehead elimination, can use facial cleanser, facial recovery, and then use the cleansers.
    Also develop good habits of diet and rest, diet should be light, avoid spicy, fried, easy to get angry food, eat more vegetables and fruits, Drink plenty of water to supplement the body needs, avoid staying up late frequently, otherwise it will cause the skin to be dark and yellow. Before going to bed every day, you can massage the face, promote the blood circulation of the face and make the complexion become better and better.
  2. 2. Oily skin
    Oily skin is not as long as the “oil” washed well, Can effectively reduce the oil is our purpose, first of all, do a good job of isolation protection measures, summer outdoor activities or long-term sitting in front of the computer, should be painted sunscreen and isolation; Secondly, in the use of cleanser, to pay more! In fact, oily skin is more dry than dry skin, when your skin is in a dry state for a long time, the human body will send a signal to secrete oil to protect the skin. So after deep cleaning to do enough skin care, do moisturizing water – essence – milk – cream skin care order, let the skin fully drink water.
    Finally, it is to master the frequency of the use of cleanser, summer, two to three times a week, winter one to two times, each time 2-3 minutes, the wrong use will cause damage to the cuticle!
    Long-term effective cleansing and skin care, can reduce skin oil problems.
  3. 3. How to care and clean the face cleansing brush?
    Remember that the brush head cannot be shared. The cleanser is like my toothbrush. We don’t share the toothbrush with others. In the process of sharing the head, we can exchange the bacteria on the face. It is not sanitary.
    Cleaning the brush head in time after use is the key to maintain the hygiene of the cleanser. Brush head is the major responsibility of cleaning the face. After use, it can avoid the breeding of bacteria.
    After cleaning, let the brush head dry quickly. Don’t put it in the bathroom. Damp environment is easy to make the brush breeding bacteria, after cleaning the cleanser can be placed in a ventilated and dry place, let the brush quickly dry, or use a dry face towel to dry the water, let it dry more quickly.
    In addition to the brush head, the body of the cleanser also needs to be cleaned. It is easy to produce dirt after long-term use. Therefore, at least once a month for a comprehensive and careful cleaning.
    The fiber brush type cleanser brush head must be replaced regularly, usually in March a change, according to different products marked time to replace.