Exercises Learned From Custom Drum Building: Contact Cement

The previous few weeks I’ve been holding back to get supplies in to fabricate another custom drum set for a P.Ellis Drums craftsman. I as of late began the form interaction in my wood/drum shop. Like I have said before each time I fabricate another drum or drum set I learn something that changes the manner in which I consider drum building. This time has been the same. I requested the entirety of the provisions that I didn’t have available and when they arrived I promptly started to unload and check my provisions to ensure that they had sent me the entirety of the right supplies, and to ensure they had sent the perfect sum. I can’t reveal to you how frequently I’ve begun chipping away at a drum set and have been essentially finished with the completing china Cement bearing supplier cycle, cutting the bearing edges and boring the openings for equipment just to find that I’m missing 1 key piece of equipment that makes it to where I can’t transport the drums out to the proprietor. I have completed a drum set and needed to trust that an additional fourteen days will get 2 cylinder drags that should be in my underlying request yet the provider some way or another miss checked.


This is my first time working with this specific provider on a full drum set request and I can sincerely say this has been the best client support experience I have at any point had with a drum supply organization.

I figured out of appreciation for Earth Day I would attempt to utilize the Eco-Friendly contact cement… This was an impractical notion. I “scarified” the two surfaces and applied the contact cement to the two surfaces (2 covers) and held up around 30 minutes as I would with some other contact cement and attempted to stick the 2 pieces together…. furthermore, there was a bond…but unquestionably not a solid bond. I passed on the drum over night to check whether it would be any better when I returned. It was not. It’s not great that when I can really strip the wrap off the drum with almost no effort…So I just stripped off the wrap, eliminated the dried contact cement from the shell and the wrap (which was in reality lovely easy…this eco-accommodating stuff is known for it’s simple tidy up). So subsequent to wrapping the drums and afterward concluding that I needed to begin once again I squandered around 2 days. Not my concept of being useful. I did anyway return to utilizing the DAP weld wood contact cement that I have utilized before and had extraordinary outcomes from…and this time I utilized the gel formula…which I discovered that I love. I will use from here on out. It doesn’t run, which implies it is less chaotic, which implies it doesn’t get everything over my work area or me.